Amadeus Integrates IBM Digital Health Pass Into Its Digital Health Verification Technology

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Integration is designed to assistance streamline the validation of aerial travelers' COVID-19 health
documentation, reducing friction during check-in, and supporting airlines arsenic the manufacture works to
increase planetary question volumes

ARMONK, N.Y. and MADRID, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Amadeus (MCE: AMS) contiguous announced that they are moving unneurotic to assistance conscionable 1 of the large challenges facing question companies today: checking and validating the COVID-19 wellness documentation of travelers astatine checkpoints wherever required.


As portion of that effort, IBM Digital Health Pass is present integrated into Traveler ID for Safe Travel, Amadeus' integer wellness verification solution. This enables airlines to integrate the usage of COVID-19 integer wellness credentials into their existing preservation and booking system, allowing hose passengers the enactment to scan oregon upload documentation to amusement their wellness credentials.

As passengers determination done the online check-in process, Traveler ID for Safe Travel checks the requirements for that peculiar travel against destination state regulations. This past prompts passengers with the enactment to make a unafraid COVID-19 integer credential by scanning insubstantial documents oregon uploading a integer mentation from their mobile oregon desktop.

These COVID-19 integer wellness credentials are past verified utilizing IBM Digital Health Pass, which uses a operation of encryption and blockchain technologies to authenticate COVID-19 wellness credentials against a planetary ecosystem of labs, vaccination centers and healthcare providers. Airlines person a elemental presumption confirming a rider is acceptable to fly. This unafraid attack provides rider privateness since lone the compliance with borderline introduction requirements is confirmed; nary idiosyncratic wellness accusation is stored by the airline, IBM, oregon Amadeus.

"While countries crossed the globe are opening to dilatory reopen borders to invited backmost visitors, circumstantial borderline introduction requirements whitethorn alteration greatly state to country. The request to cheque COVID-19 wellness documentation is causing important delays during the travel for airlines and different question providers, arsenic good arsenic the traveler," said Greg Land, Travel and Transportation Industry Lead, IBM. "The integration of IBM Digital Health Pass into Amadeus' Traveler ID for Safe Travel is designed to supply airlines with unfastened technologies they tin physique into existing integer solutions. This tin assistance airlines safely conscionable borderline introduction requirements portion delivering a smoother lawsuit experience."

"The integration with IBM is simply a step-change for Traveler ID for Safe Travel. The operation of the IBM Digital Health Pass with our Traveler ID for Safe Travel exertion means that COVID-19 wellness documents tin beryllium digitized and read, verified, and authenticated. This avoids cumbersome and time-consuming checks portion traveling, and adds further reassurance to airlines and their passengers," said Christian Warneck, VP Safe Travel Ecosystem, Amadeus. "This is different milestone successful the collaboration we are driving done our Safe Travel Ecosystem. By moving manus successful manus with customers and partners specified arsenic IBM, we tin present the capabilities needed by question providers and travelers to assistance supply a creaseless rider travel erstwhile more."

Traveler ID for Safe Travel is currently unrecorded with multiple airlines, with further hose customers to beryllium announced soon. Traveler ID's integer individuality and wellness verification capabilities are besides applicable for different lawsuit groups, including hotels and airports. 

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