Hong Kong police arrest 5 trade union members for sedition

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HONG KONG — Hong Kong constabulary connected Thursday arrested 5 commercialized national members and a tribunal denied bail for 4 editors and journalists connected charges of endangering nationalist security, portion of a widening crackdown connected dissent successful the city.

The 5 who were arrested are members of the General Association of Hong Kong Speech Therapists, according to section media reports.

The relation published 3 children’s books that authorities seemingly fishy are metaphors for the governmental crisis. The books diagnostic stories that revolve astir a colony of sheep that has to woody with wolves from a antithetic village. The sheep instrumentality enactment similar going connected onslaught oregon escaping by boat, according to the synopses published connected the association’s website.

Police confirmed they arrested 2 men and 3 women from a commercialized union, but did not place them oregon the union.

Police said that they are suspected of conspiring to publish, distribute, show oregon transcript seditious publications with the intent to incite hatred, unit and different non-law-abiding acts towards the Hong Kong authorities and the judiciary by the public, successful peculiar young children.

Police said that besides froze 160,000 Hong Kong dollars ($20,600) successful assets linked to the union.

On Thursday, a Hong Kong tribunal denied bail to 4 apical editors and journalists from the now-defunct Apple Daily pro-democracy newspaper. They were arrested Wednesday connected charges of conspiracy to collude with overseas powers to endanger nationalist security.

So far, 8 erstwhile employees person been arrested. Apply Daily ceased operations successful June aft $2.3 cardinal successful assets were frozen and constabulary raided the newspaper’s offices, confiscating hard drives and laptops.

Following months of anti-government protests successful 2019, Beijing past twelvemonth imposed a sweeping nationalist information instrumentality successful the semi-autonomous metropolis that critics accidental restricts freedoms promised to the erstwhile British colony that are not recovered connected mainland China.

The instrumentality criminalizes secessionism, subversion, coercion and overseas collusion successful the city’s affairs. Since it was implemented, much than 100 pro-democracy supporters person been arrested and galore others person fled abroad.

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